The Story Of 22-Year Old Entrepreneur, Marek Frantsuzov: Inspiring Millions Across The World

The Story Of 22-Year Old Entrepreneur, Marek Frantsuzov: Inspiring Millions Across The World

Oct 30, 2020 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- Marek Frantsuzov is a 22-year-old entrepreneur from Estonia who found massive success with his digital-marketing and retail business. He said:

"I never liked the system and I always wanted to be my own boss and work on my own projects to fulfil my dreams to live a self- determined life. Before I started a retail business, I worked in the demolition of buildings in Norway for 2 years, working 12-14 hours every day made me wonder if this is the life I want? Was I born here to build someone else's business? On the day I left work, flew back to Estonia and started looking for a digital earning opportunity, I couldn't sleep anymore, couldn't eat normally I didn't had any friends and I was so motivated that I woke up early every day and went to bed late in the night telling me - You won’t give up until there’s no result!

Currently, his main business is Digital Marketing, he owns over 15 online stores and an advertising agency where he generates 6 figures a month. The main thing that helped him achieve all his goals was that he swore himself that he will not give up until he will find massive success in what he does. His recommendation is to "wake up and see what is going on around you, find the motivation to grow as person, only by reading this article your bank account will definitely not grow, only you can change your future by taking action!"

When he started the retail business (drop shipping) his main goal was always to bring something new to the market that gives people a good feeling or solves their concerns, at the same time he started growing his social media platforms and noticed how people asked him for advice. So, his first personal advertising agency was born.

After such successful results, Marek thought that he should set up his own agency to help beginners not spend large sums and test what works and what doesn't, but build a professional team that can develop unique and professional websites for the e-commerce business, after a successful first week, Frantsuzov professional Team, goal is to ensuring a level of web design, product research and marketing skills, Frantsuzov Agency is focused on Top level of service and have shown amazing results. Marek Frantsuzov: An Inspiration To Many.

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